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About Us

Our online travel news service is a site dedicated to professional individuals working in the tourism industry, these are owners and employees of travle agencies, hotels, restaurants coach operators as well as suppliers and service providers for the industry.
Since 2003 our online service publish and deliver news articles to 37646 subscribers in the form of newsletters and whole number of registered users of our service is 40451 users.

Chosen groups of our users:
  • touroperators and travel agencies - now 16236 users
  • hospitality - now 11655 users
  • gastronomy - now 7224 users
  • passenger transport - now 4200 users
  • business tourism offices, DMC - now 2331 users

Advertising Offer

We offer many attractive advertising forms: e.g billboard banners, advertising inserts, special featured elements to the travel industry or mailings to our subscribers. Please discover the top 5 reasons why your ad with us is better than anywhere else:

  • it is cost effective: you pay only for genuine ad views to a targeted audience, rather than paying for print ads that are shelved or tossed in to the trash;
  • it is interactive: more comfortable and faster for visitors, anyone interested can immediately find out more;
  • it is flexible: its content can be customized to the real information needs of the visitors, when it proves ineffective, it can easily be changed;
  • it is possible to check its actual effectiveness: both page views as well as reactions are measurable - this is not possible with printed ads, when one often never knows what effect the purchased ad brought,
  • reaches a unique target group;

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Our Partners

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For more information please contact:

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Łukasz Odziewa
mobile +48 (12) 267-79-70

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